Cigar Town (Energy Corridor)

With trillions of dollars of commercial activity in Houston’s Energy Corridor, you have to wonder where people in the area go to just

With trillions of dollars of commercial activity in Houston’s Energy Corridor, you have to wonder where people in the area go to just chillout and take a break from all the action.

There are many dining options and a few drinking bars in the EC, but in the midst of it all is a welcoming cigar lounge on the corner of Eldridge and Enclave Parkway, catty-corner from the KBR building.

Cheryl and Daniel own and operate Cigar Towne; a refuge offering an escape for cigar lovers who enjoy the lounge throughout the working day.

Their clientele consists mostly of professionals from the energy industry; which makes Cigar Towne a great place to casually network and potentially swing a game changing deal.

The walk-in humidor is generously stocked with premium brands from around the world, coupled with boutique cigars which are harder to come by. What’s really special about their cigar collection is the rare-releases major labels offer only or selectively to Cigar Towne.

When I asked Cheryl about any hidden gems in their collection, she quickly pointed to the Pinar Del Rio A. Flores Serie Privada 1975. It offers a unique combination of PDR’s oldest tobacco while achieving a medium bodied smoke.

 Cheryl says it’s the closest you will get to a Padron flavor & quality profile without shelling out a ton of money for it. She was kind of enough to let me try one and I can tell you it’s a phenomenal smoke which paired excellently with a Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum.

The lounge itself is well appointed with comfortable leather sofas, a spacious seating area with two large 55 inch flat panel television. Refreshments are available for customers and the Derrick Tavern is right next door in case you want to enjoy a stiffer drink while you smoke.

Beans Cafe is two doors down for those of you who prefer a coffee or light snack. In either case, you can grab your drink of choice and sink into one of Cigar Towne’s plush sofas and drift away with your favorite cigar.

Each month they feature an event which spotlights cigars and accessories at deep discounts, educational seminars and the occasional visit from cigar industry heavy hitters.

To stay up to date on their events, send a message to: [email protected] and they will add you to their mailing list.

I’ve been going to Cigar Towne for over a year now and have enjoyed each visit more than the last. Each time I get to know Cheryl and Daniel better and get better acquainted with their regulars who are all round great people.

I am looking forward to my next visit and hope you will join me so you too can experience this gem of Houston’s cigar community.