Will Hirochi Robaina Make Cuban Cigars for the U.S. Market Under the New US/Cuba Policy?

We had no clue the US / Cuba trade embargo would soften prior to Hirochi Robaina’s U.S. visit from Cuba to launch his new cigar, the HR.

Don Alejandro Robaina

However, the timing couldn’t have been perfect!

Hirochi is the grandson of Don Alejendro Robaina, owner of the most famous tobacco farm in Cuba. The Robaina farm produces the Rolls Royce of tobaccos, which have been used in the most elite cigars to come out of Cuba. (click to read more on Hirochi’s history)

Due to the previous iteration of the US / Cuban trade embargo, the new HR, by Hirochi couldn’t draw from the treasure chest of tobaccos from his family’s farm.

Instead, the new HR is using Nicaraguan tobacco.

Let’s be clear, Hirochi is still using superiour tobacco for his HR cigar. It’s blended using the finest leaves from the Cubanacan family farm in Esteli and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua. Their tobacco growing knowledge predates Cuba and they’ve consistently produced superior cigars for many years.

But the imagination can’t help but to wonder, what would could Hirochi make with tobacco from his family’s famed farm; a 169 year old farm he knows better than anyone and has worked on himself.

HR Cigar Launch Party Invite

This will be one of the topics of discussion today while Hirochi visits Serious Cigars West Loop for the HR Cigar Launch party. It will also be interesting to know if Cubanacan will also reach back to their Cuban roots to produce cigars from the country bearing their namesake.

I’ll dig around for these answers and more to find out what to expect with the new policy changes. In the meantime, you can checkout my recent article titled, Relax. Not All Cuban Cigars are Great.

This doesn’t apply to Hirochi’s cigars, but I had to write it, because there seems to be a bit of a Cuban cigar frenzy since the announcement.

See you at the event!