Embajadores Fine Cigars (Uptown)

Everywhere you look, the face of Houston is changing. From million dollar high rise condos to uber luxury boutiques popping up outside of the Galleria Mall. We are finally entering a new phase of commerce that caters to the aspirational and established upper crust of Houston society.

Houston always had the discretionary income to spend on luxury goods, but the menu of options catered to the classic flavors of the old money guard.

Once upon a time, Houstonians with a flair for less “classic” luxury goods or experiences had to fly out of town to satisfy their swanky appetites.

Today’s discretionary income is in the hands of the next generation of entrepreneurs, corporate big shots and international travelers passing through our city who need what they want now, not later.

Their desire for exclusivity and simplicity in acquisition combined with globally minded tastes is being met by more nimble developers and brands.

Smart money sensed this evolution many years ago and has responded to our evolving palate by building new destination spots to pour big money into like the River Oaks Shopping Center featuring Cartier, Hermès & Canali to name a few.

Embajadores Fine Cigars Non-Members Area

Just a mile away in Uptown Park, the Houston cigar scene has been given its own upscale face lift by the way of Embajadores (Spanish for Ambassador) Fine Cigars.

It’s in the old Cigar Vault location, but there is nothing Cigar Vault about it. From the exterior all the way up to the second floor, this new lounge sports a 180 degree floor to ceiling upgrade that produces a sleek and modern cigar lounge.

You won’t find big, brown leather couches or any rustic decor here; not that there is anything wrong with such a set up, we just have enough of it in Houston.

The future is now and the demand is front and center for a new lounge with a rich, modern feel.

Embajadores Fine Cigars delivers.

Asides from the Italian inspired aesthetics, the humidor has been gutted to create an open space with chill vibes patched in through the sound system. Arturo Fuente and Padron take up most of the top shelf real estate, followed up with upper tier labels and highly sought after boutique brands like Crowned Heads.

It’s not a big humidor, but for one of its size, it packs in quite a few great choices at reasonable prices.

This is a lounge gentlemen can take their ladies to on date night and actually collect brownie points in the process.

Embajadores Fine Cigars Humidor

Chris Reyes is the General Manager who has been enjoying the stock of Arturo Fuente Anejos; which I am sure won’t last long, but the man behind the counter says maintaining inventory of their customers favorite cigars is one of their top priorities.

The owner of the lounge who likes to keep a low profile, is also an architect. Through his keen eye for design and deft hand at materializing abstract concepts, Embajadores is a direct manifestation of his vision; a vision Houston can be proud of.

In fact he was a long time Cigar Vault customer and if they only hired him as a consultant to turn the ailing lounge around, I may just be writing about Cigar Vault 2.0 instead.

Lucky, we got something totally new and significantly better with a friendlier and craftier owner at the helm.

Embajadores Fine Cigars Members Area

If you haven’t been, then definitely check it out. The lower level is an open area with seating for about 20 people at any given time and upstairs is the members area.

This isn’t a full-service lounge like the now shuttered Marque or Downing Street, but there are multiple dining options surrounding Embajadores to ensure it makes a fine pre or post meal destination. During the day, you couldn’t pick a better meeting spot.

 Don’t simply take my word for it, go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

1141-04 UpTown Park Blvd. Houston, TX 77056 Phone number (713) 840-7612