Padron Presidente Maduro

Not all premium cigars are worth their price. However, rarely is a Padron over priced.

I regularly enjoy the Padron 3000 series which is hands down a bargain if you consider the quality of the cigar and its corresponding flavor. It’s a testament to the Padron family’s respect of the craft to produce a cigar so complete at a price point under $10 USD.

But if you are looking for a Padron cigar in a category above the Thousand Series, but are unsure about which one to go with, then consider the Padron Presidente Maduro.

It isn’t the most expensive Padron as you can fork over $40+ for a Padron 50th Anniversary series which in itself is a fine cigar. But I think one of the most complete cigars in the Padron line up is the Padron Presidente Maduro.

Padron Presidente Maduro Photog: Houston Cigar Life

For starters it comes in a beautiful, metal tube that is about the most premium individual packaging that I have seen. There are some very nice coffin boxes out there and if you buy a 5 count Golden Torpedo from Daniel Marshall, it comes in one of his beautiful humidors, but that will cost you about $1,000.

So for an ultra premium cigar like the Presidente to come in a beautiful metal tube that costs $16+ a cigar if you buy a box is value in its purest form.

You get a phenomenal cigar along with a package that is fit for any celebratory occasion. If you hand anyone one of these cigars in its tube, not a single person will think you went light on the purchase.

Then when the light it up and get the full Padron quality and flavor, you will see why this cigar is probably one of the, if not the best cigar on the market today at any price point.