Best Online Cigar Store?

Within the cigar community, there’s an admirable respect for the brick and mortar cigar business. I can’t think of a worst reality than not having a local cigar store to visit, enjoy a smoke at and meet other like minded people.

This is why cigar manufacturers work in concert with brick and mortar shops and online retailers to ensure the mega-online retailers on this list don’t do to our local brick and mortars what Amazon did to, well just about everyone else.

However, with 2020 being what it is… many people are forced to go online to buy cigars and so I’d like to offer my list of the best online cigar shops.

Best Online Cigar Shops
Based out of Houston, TX, this is one of the first online cigar retailers from the Dot Com era. Started in 1997 and recently sold to Casa De Montecristo, their selection is wide and deep.

The offer same day delivery as long as you place your order by 3 pm EST Monday through Saturday.
Unlike many of the other online cigar shops on this list, Thompson Cigar started in Key West, Florida and not in the Northeast corridor of the upper U.S. It is the oldest mail order cigar business in America, having kicked off operations in 1915.

World War I started a year earlier and Thompson Cigar has survived every war since. Including the 1960’s Cuban Missile Crisis which put TC right in the crosshairs of Russian ballistic missiles just 90 miles away.

They started online sales in 1999 and offer a wide variety of well known brands and fan favorite private label cigars.
In business since 1939, Famous Smoke Shop has been a cornerstone in the cigar community for 80+ years now. In the 70’s they mailed catalogues to homes to build their delivery business and in 1997 their online store switched on.

With a rich history in the cigar business and an order by mail legacy spanning 40+ years, you can certainly feel confident ordering from Famous Smoke Shop.
Started in 1996, it isn’t the oldest cigar retailer, but its definitely the 800 pound gorilla in the industry. Their sole focus is on direct marketing cigars online, but you can also visit CI headquarters in Bethlehem, PA where they have set up the Shangri-La of cigars.

However, if you can’t make it to their headquarters in person, then they will gladly mail your cigars to you.
Also started in the 1990’s Dot Com cigar boom, JR Cigars has grown to massive proportions and offers a seamless online cigar shopping experience.

It is 51% owned by Spanish conglomerate Altadis S.A. which took a majority stake in JR Cigars circa 2003.
Not to be confused with as they are not the same company. is its own entity offering a good variety of cigars online. As stated on their website however, as of this writing they are experiencing delivery delays.
The 90’s kicked off a cigar boom that lasted several years and was also the catalyst for a couple of kids with a dream to start an online cigar shop. Since then, it has grown and is now a formidable player in the online cigar market.
Holts has been around for a long time, started in 1522 acquired by the Levin family in 1957 and is now under 3rd generation operation.

In 1974 son Robert Levin took over operations from his parents Albert and Jean Levin. Having grown up in a family with a rich history in cigars, 11 years after taking over the company, Robert launched the beloved cigar brand, Ashton. The Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown) is to this day one of my favorite cigars.

In the 2000’s Robert created the La Aroma Cuba and San Cristobal brands as well.

They also operate the Ashton Cigar Bar in Philadelphia that features over 385 whiskeys.

While there are several other online cigar shops that are reputable, the above retailers top our list of best online cigar shops.

Houston Cigar Life is not affiliated with any of these cigar retailers and this list is composed based on our own experience and research.