People think of the Illuminati as the hand that tips the scale in favor of its ilk. While that’s partly true, it isn’t as subversive as you’d think.

While Illuminati is a convenient name for a group of people acting collectively in their own interests, no one I have spoken to refers to themselves as such.

The average person may think that, but in reality there are several well connected groups across the world who work in unison to shape the reality in which everyone else lives.

What I learned from spending time with some of them changed my outlook on how the world works and more importantly, how to make the world work in your favor.

Rules aren’t for Rulers

Rules are for people who blindly go through life and need guard rails as a reminder of the limits imposed on them. Those rules make society feel safe and orderly, a key element to a stable civilization.

Take away that sense of order and you’ll quickly see how much closer we are to our animal nature than the civilized and refined humans we think we are.

For example, a person I know was able to enter the United States flying from the Middle East with a foreign passport and without a visa. This person landed at Laguardia airport and was escorted out of customs and walked out of the airport where they checked into a luxury hotel as if it was completely normal.

No tracking, no follow up… just as simple as that.

Humans Aren’t Static

Why do people follow trends, buy things they don’t need and speak the language of their time? It’s because there’s nothing grounding humans to be static.

Religion, politics and general education are used to homogenize society as much as possible. But our inherent weaknesses allow our hearts and minds to be easily coopted by those skilled in this art.

We are pliable creatures and the tools used to mold us are fairly simple. Very subtly, new ideas are introduced into our minds through a couple of levers pushed and pulled over a period of time.

Before you know it, society changes and only but a few stop to think, “wait a minute, how did that happen?”

I was having a cigar with a close friend of mine who lives outside of the U.S. This person told me, people want to be corrupted. Just make it easy for them, package it in a way that doesn’t make them feel guilty and they will gladly pay you for it.

Key to Your Soul

Humans are born free of concern and restraint. Over time, depending on the society you are born in, layers of rules and customs are ingrained in your mind.

Before you even have a chance to figure things out, you have been permanently programmed to act and think a certain way. As far as the average person is concerned, there’s no other reality than the one they know to be true.

Overtime however, curiosity starts to set in. The question arises deep inside of you, is there more to this life than what I have been told?

That curiosity my friend, is the key to your soul.

People feel special when they’re part of an inner circle, an exclusive group or separated from the herd.

This is why private clubs can charge a monthly mortgage for membership and why velvet ropes are so effective.

The question you and every other uninitiated person needs to answer, how far am I willing to go to join the group.

Sin and Corruption

People need to feel a sense of freedom. And no amount of perceived freedom can fully mask the limitations an orderly society places on individuals.

Why is the tag line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” so intriguing and effective?

It gives people an opportunity to taste the freedom everyone else in power seems to be enjoying. More importantly, it takes some of the guilt away from breaking the rules you have lived by your entire life.

Is cheating on your spouse any different where you live than in Vegas? It would appear so, and therein lies the levers of power.

Make freedom a privilege. Give it value by making it rare. For the average person, money is the key to more freedom, more choice and more influence over the person next to them.

This is what makes the idea of money so powerful. The more you make the more you can do.

Most people are happy making some money and pissing it away; feeling free and powerful in the process. It’s an illusion, one that is bought and sold everywhere.

The illusion of power and freedom is the most valuable product.

Money Doesn’t Matter

Money only matters when you don’t have enough of it. For those who make the money, not make it in the sense of working for it; I mean literally make it and put it into circulation; money doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is the version of the world they see best fit for civilization. They populate centers of power with their children and other operatives who can carry their agenda forward.

There are elementary schools with tuitions in the hundreds of thousands a year, now think of why that would be?

One reason is because the level of education needed to influence the next heads of state is different than the one needed to pass the SAT. Secondly, the cost barrier ensures random kids from random families don’t come in influencing the future leaders of the world.

Granted there are stories of outliers who break through with sheer grit, but those stories are celebrated for a reason. Those people don’t make up the bulk of the operatives guiding society.

That’s reserved for people the average person calls the Illuminati.

Pick a Side

Wars are fought between competing organizations who cannot agree on what society should look like. Wars need soldiers, equipment and skill. A society needs to be stable enough to produce the resources for war.

Where does all of that come from?

In reality, no one is truly free. We all just fall somewhere in the spectrum of free and not free.

But what I learned is that you can gain more freedom by either helping people or corrupting them. How you go about it is up to your moral compass, but if you aren’t doing either then you’re simply caught in the middle.

Pop Culture

If you are in the middle then pop culture is here to pacify you. Pop culture paints a picture of what could be and lets people live vicariously through the life of those different from them.

For the typical person, it is just enough to be entertained from afar, while others try to emulate their pop culture icons as best they can. If you really buy into the pop culture ideology, then you’ll have spent your entire life having done nothing of significance; chasing the illusion.

You’ll have spent your time and money on things that leave little to no legacy behind. You’ll have lived in the moment while the gears of the world turned all around you.


This isn’t a call to action or any sort of propaganda. I just wanted to share some insight on how people who influence society think. They see the world not as a place they simply live in, but as a stone waiting to be etched by their own hands.

For obvious reasons I am being vague and can’t go too far into specifics, but if you look a little closer at the day to day movement of society around you; then you will see there is something beyond the noise.

Make your own noise or help the people making the noise and you too will find yourself shaping the world in which everyone else lives.

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