New Cigars are Coming!

The cigar industry just got a win thanks to the hard work of the Cigar Association of America.

Halfwheel has done a Pulitzer worthy job of tracking every development and you can read the full post here: (read more).

When the FDA started to crack down on vaping and other tobacco related products, cigars naturally fell into their crosshairs.

What followed was panic, confusion and a general frustration because there is a tremendous difference between cigars and other tobacco related products.

While I don’t advise anyone smoke anything not prescribed by a medical professional, those of us adults who choose to enjoy cigars suffered from the FDA’s wrangling.

Many cigar producers either reduced the number of cigars they produced or outright quit the business. Some tip toed around the red tape, while others decided to wait it out.

Well the day has come where life in the cigar industry should return to normal. While the recent developments aren’t conclusive, they are enough to inspire cigar makers to start producing new cigars again.

There was a massive drop in new products due to the onerous requirements enacted by the FDA.

With that iron curtain lifted, enthusiasts can once again enjoy the production of new cigars again.