This is to all you young men out there who don’t know how to correctly have multiple girlfriends.

Let me start with the most obvious fail, cheating isn’t cool.

I once had 4 girlfriends at the same time, 2 of them were in other countries. They all knew about each other. In fact they’d comment on each others Instagram. Why? Because I told them before we started dating that my life’s plan doesn’t include me settling down.

My internal wiring doesn’t allow me to be with just one person for any extended period of time, therefore I will not violate my own nature to fit a social mold.

Turns out, there are very nice women out there who actually prefer this type of man. Confident enough to tell the truth and desirable enough to have more than one woman wanting him, even if they have to split his time.

I wasn’t always like this. Early in my life I broke a girls heart because I cheated on her. That was the first time I realized how my actions could not just hurt someone, but devastate them.

From that point forward I never wanted to make anyone else feel that way again. I tried being monogamous, but it didn’t work for me. Monogamy comes with a level of conflict that I just can’t bear.

Life is too good to spend arguing with someone about something I said last month. I have determined that as long as I am casually dating, my time arguing remains low and my time having fun remains high.

I don’t know about you, but that is how I prefer to date. For those of you who are currently cheating on someone, it is time to grow up.

If you think the girl you are with will leave you if she learns about you gallivanting around town with another woman, then let her go. Let her go be with someone like minded.

That will give you an opportunity to also find someone who better fits your lifestyle.

Otherwise you will have to continue ducking and diving around town trying to maintain your secret from one or more women. How lame is it to have to go to a public place and worry that someone might catch you in your lie?

That is not the behavior of an elevated man. You can be better than you are. And if you think that by cheating you are somehow winning, that there is the problem. You have not evolved and this is your sign to reform yourself and become the man you can really be.

You will be surprised how sexy being honest makes you look. So many women at different stages of their life don’t want to be in a relationship with a man who will constantly be hovering around them.

They don’t mind having you when you are available so they can focus on making their own boss moves when you aren’t around. Why would you take a woman like that, then convince her she is the only one for you just so you can feel better about yourself, only to break her heart later?

Doesn’t that sound lame to you? If not, then think about it and if after a night of long and deep introspection you still haven’t come to this same conclusion, then it is a matter of time before life itself will serve you this dish.

I have been around boneheads too long to not know how the life of a cheating man ends up. It is not good. The best women will leave you and you will end up with the worst or outright alone.

The alternative is to surround yourself with women who care about you just as your are, in your most authentic state.

Trust me when I say, truth is the ultimate flex. If you can be man enough to tell the truth to anyone, I can assure you that multiple women will be attracted to you.

Truth is flawless and if a (FL) diamond can be a woman’s best friend, imagine what a truthful man can be to her…

And that young man is how you can have more than one girlfriend the right way.

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