Why did Montrezl Harrell Get a Pass for Reverse Racism, “B*tch A*s White Boy”?

Being brown in America allows me to see the Black / White racial dichotomy from a distinct perspective.

I equally oppose racism, therefore I don’t care about the color of the skin who is perpetrating it.

That is why I believe there needs to be a larger dialogue around an incident between NBA players Montrezl Harrell (Black) and Luka Doncic (White)

The NBA and broader media seems to have been brushed under the rug, but that is not the America groups like Black Lives Matter are fighting for.

In the video below at the 15 second mark, after a physical exchange between Doncic and Harrell, it is clear Harrell shouts the following phrase to Doncic, “B*tch A*s Whiteboy.”

After listening to the rounds of discussion by the usual talking heads in the NBA media, it seems like Trez is getting a pass in the same way Trump got a pass for his, “grab’em by the pu**y” line.

While Trump’s comment was vulgar and unbecoming of a future POTUS, Harrell’s comments were outright racist.

So why is he getting a pass?

Granted Harrell apologized to Doncic and both players seemed to agree to squash the beef. But that does not make it ok and no action taken by the NBA sends a message to the millions young viewers who saw the exchange.

The obvious question is that if the roles were reversed and Doncic can be seen and heard launching an equally offensive racial slur at Harrell, the whole of American media would lose its mind.

I’ve experienced racism from nearly all walks of life, it just comes with the territory of being different. Therefore, knowing what it feels like, I don’t condone it.

I don’t want to live in an America where the power to be racist isn’t eliminated, but simply transferred.

Is what Montrezl Harrell did and the complicity around it a precursor for what is to come?

Share your thoughts.