This is a curiosity I have had ever since I bought my first tailored shirt and suit. The experience of getting my measurements, selecting the fabrics and getting to know my tailor on a one on one basis was such rich experience.

The whole point of working hard and earning more money is to help people less fortunate, elevate your family and then enjoy the finer aspects of life for yourself with whatever is left over.

There are a few experiences more enjoyable than strapping a custom tailored article of clothing to your body.

It certainly trumps wearing a suit off the rack. Granted there is joy walking into Zegna or Armani and picking out a suit that is then customized to your liking, but it still won’t fit like an extension of your own contours.

Also, it has another persons name on it; why not have a suit or shirt with your own name on it? Always remember, the man makes the suit… it’s never the other way around.

Custom shirts and blazers are a no brainer to have in your closet. Take a decent pair of jeans and compliment them with a tailored shirt and jacket and you will instantly elevate your outfit.

If you get the basic colored shirts of blue, white, pink and black with a couple of different monochrome blazers to start, then you can mix and match throughout the week or weekends.

The other way to make this work is to buy your workhorse outfits off the rack and save your custom garments for special occasions.

But I recommend starting your custom tailored wardrobe with classic colors to build your baseline because they last forever. Once you have your baseline palettes, then you can start adding some more exotic pieces with seasonal fabrics and patterns.

I have custom tailored shirts and jackets in my closet that have lasted years. Some of the older ones I don’t fit anymore because I have aged out of them, but they have outlasted all of my other clothes.

There is one Ralph Lauren jacket that’s held up well, but the others are done for. Either they are out of style, came apart at the seams or don’t fit me anymore.

Durability & Value

From fabric to stitching my custom tailored clothes have lasted longer than I ever expected them to. This is why I am such a proponent of custom tailored clothing. You get great quality, fit and value.

The beauty of it is that each shirt I bought only cost me $125.00, compared to other dress shirts that have cost a lot more than that.

$125 for a custom fitted shirt where you select the fabric, color and style of the buttons, rigidity of the collar and every other detail you can imagine is money well spent.

So in short, if you want to look and feel like several million bucks, get a custom wardrobe. If you want to feel like a million bucks and spend about the same, go to any of the luxury designers and buy off the rack.

If you can’t do either right now, then don’t worry. There was a time I could not afford any of the above. But with hard work and consistency, I turned that ship around and you can do the same.

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