If you want a break from the chaos of life, visit the East End Farmers Market located on 2800 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003. It’s open Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm CST.

Also, every last Friday of the month, they host a Last Friday Night Farmers Market which includes food trucks, music and more.

It’s set up in front of The Original Ninfa’s on the esplanade.

There is something peaceful, joyous and welcoming about farmer markets in general, it’s like an America that isn’t depicted anywhere in common media.

People are friendly, families are out enjoying themselves and everything for sale seems to have a wholesome origin.

The East End market is no different as each vendor offers their unique brand of quaint hospitality that warms your heart.

Our last visit there this past weekend, netted some real treats that we have enjoyed throughout the week for breakfast. This included pepper infused honey, Manish’s mango chutney, coffee from Uganda and homemade butters made from apples and pumpkins.

The crown jewel was the farm fresh eggs and the fresh greens that I’ve been juicing all week. The eggs were a first for me, as I’m not a frequent visitor of farmer markets, but I think this will be my go to egg source from here on out.

Call me a noob if you will, but I did not know what an egg really tasted like because what I’ve been buying from the grocery store seems to be something other than an egg.

Even the organic eggs don’t really compare. Someone told me a stressed chicken will produce stressed eggs and that makes a lot of sense, because the eggs that I had from the farmers market were fully of flavor and richness.

I could essentially prepare those eggs without putting any seasoning in them. They were all different colors and sizes, which is something industrial grade eggs cannot offer because people would probably freak out over the the non-uniformity.

While I have traveled and have had eggs from chickens walking around nearby, I don’t recall the flavor. Then again when I travel, I can eat anywhere and it will taste good because I am generally in a good mood when I travel.

So to have that same experience here at home was a real treat. But what I loved the most about visiting the farmers market was the interaction with all the vendors. They are so cheery and full of personality. That in itself is a reason to buy from them.

The cottage industry of joy and happiness is a rare commodity in the era of buy online and big box stores.

If you haven’t been, certainly go. There are plenty of farmers markets around Houston, but I’ve only visited the East End Market and its certainly won’t be a wasted trip.

With weather in Houston about to reach its bi-annual peak beauty, this is a perfect time to get the family out of the house and visit.

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