Famed Houston Restauranteur Tony Vallone has Passed Away

Tony’s restaurant will be closed from Thursday September 10th through Tuesday September 15th, in memory and honor of Tony Vallone.

55 years ago, Mr. Vallone opened his first restaurant in the Uptown area on Sage Road where he cooked, cleaned and serviced his customers with delight.

From Sage Rd., he moved to a larger facility on Post Oak Blvd and established his restaurant as the go to spot for fine dining in Houston over 30+ year period. Then in the early 2000’s he once again moved in order to build a restaurant from the ground up that had the look and feel he wanted, located on the corner of Richmond and Timmon’s, it is still in operation today.

His dedication to excellence earned him the reputation of one of the most esteemed restauranteurs not just in Houston, but across Texas.

Serving dishes with inspiration by Naples, Italy and influenced by Milan; Mr. Vallone built an operation that has stood the test of time for over 55 years in Houston.

His patrons include Houstonian’s who love fine dining, heads of states from around the world and celebrities from all over the world.

Not many restauranteurs can claim a track record spanning several decades in a town where the restaurant business is about as brutal as it can get.

Mr. Vallone passed away from natural causes on September 10th in his sleep.