Let’s face the reality here, the problem with the 2020 Presidential debate was the debate itself. Imagine trying to solve a highly complex problem you are extremely passionate about with your significant other and given a 2 minute time limit to your responses.

The end result would be a disaster in most human to human interactions. Average America seems to be so focused on the score that they are missing the dysfunctional rules of the game.

My problem is directly with the debate format, it creates a pressure cooker environment for the candidates to try to summarize their most prized agenda items in a 2 minute sound bite that the media can then spin for their own profits. (see: The Divided States of Spin)

The sooner we as American’s realize the system itself is broken, the sooner we can get people in office who are focused on fixing the root causes. In my view, the debate needs to be a marathon event at minimum 4 – 6 hours where each candidate can layout their plans and ideas in long form.

While I’m no Russian sympathizer, I am regularly impressed with Putin’s marathon Q&A’s where people in Russia can ask him any question and he answers in as much detail as he likes. His longest Q&A session was 4 hours and 48 minutes. There are my flaws in the execution of his Q&A sessions, but you can’t deny that 4 hours of our President and rival contenders speaking in this sort of format would be so much better for the American people.

While town-halls do happen, they are usually locally focused and don’t receive the national coverage the way debates do. So while many people who saw the debate are upset at the lowbrow product that we consumed, there isn’t enough heat directed at the format.

How will you combat racism? You have two minutes. What is your plan for the economy? You have two minutes… on and on, it was the most ridiculous display of media meddling in our lives that I have seen.

I’d love to see a Joe Rogan moderated debate where they sit and talk like regular people in his Sith lair. That would be head and shoulders above the circus we just got. Other debate moderators can include people like Charlemagne tha God or even Oprah.

To support this cause, follow this Change.org petition and sign it, share it and let’s make this happen: http://chng.it/H4gZghFy9X

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