Cuevas Cigars: 5 Generations of Tradition

In a sea of new upstarts and modern twists on traditional cigar culture, there’s a family quietly operating out of the Dominican Republic with four generations of unflinching commitment, passion and craftsmanship.

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Starting out in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba, Juan Cuevas Sr. an immigrant from Spain, began his family legacy like many of the cigar industry greats; as a cultivator of tobacco plants.

Eventually, his son Juan Cuevas Jr. took over the family tobacco business and continued its expansion in Cuba. Unfortunately, around 1959 the political climate in the Caribbean country changed for the worse forcing the Cuevas family to seek less hostile environments to ply their craft.

Several years later, now firmly rooted about 1200km away in neighboring Dominican Republic, it was time for the next generation of Cuevas tobacconists to take the reigns and expand what has by this time become not just a family business, but also a tradition and legacy.

Today the family operates Tabacalera Las Lavas in Santiago where they’ve produced cigars for notable brands over the years. While many of the cigars they’ve produced have gone on to receive high praise, the Cuevas family name has remained one of the cigar industry’s best kept secrets as they’ve primarily operated behind the scenes; until now.

Luis Sr. is now joined by his son Luis Cueva Jr. who will help steer the 5th generation of blending, manufacturing and now branding of tobacco and cigars under the Cuevas family banner.

No longer operating behind the scenes, Casa Cuevas offers five cigars that cover the full spectrum of preference:

  • Habano
  • Connecticut
  • Maduro
  • Casa Reserva Maduro
  • Casa Reserva Natural
  • Casa Cuevas “La Mandarria”

Each cigar is refined and crafted with four generations of expertise, passion and love for an enjoyable premium cigar experience.

There are five cigar stores in the Houston area where you can find cigars by Casa Cuevas:

Joseph’s Coffee & Cigars in Richmond, TX
Smoke Ring in Webster, TX
Cigar Emporium between River Oaks & Montrose
Mike’s Cigar Room in Conroe

If you’re not in Houston, then you can click here to find Casa Cuevas cigars in 25 U.S. states spread across 200+ cigar stores in their respective cities. Also if you live in New Zealand, you’re also in luck as Canteros in Christchurch also carries the Cuevas cigar line.

We’ll be spending a lot more time with Casa Cuevas and will be happy to keep you informed on new cigars coming out of the storied family.

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