Flying Cigar Update

For those of you following the Flying Cigar Saga, here is the update.

I am using the PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled single motor set up. If this one isn’t powerful enough, I’ll upgrade to the 4.0 which is a dual motor set up.

Hopefully, this one is sufficient, but its intended to propel a paper airplane, so I am not sure if it will have enough juice to push a cigar forward through the air.

I may have to compensate by throwing the cigar farther. TBD.

As far as crashing is concerned, supposedly this thing is crash proof and has an auto-land feature if it gets out of range.

For the wings, I am using a Balsa Wood Glider kit. It’s lightweight and totally inexpensive and the total weight of the glider is about the same as the cigar, so it should provide decent lift.

My hypothesis is that if I combine the motor + the wings, then that should be enough for some decent flight time.

This is still to be determined as I am in the prototype phase, but if I can get it to work then it will be one hell of a sight to see a cigar flying around.

If you are an engineer and want to chime in on this, please feel free because aerodynamics and propulsion are not my area of speciality.