Internet Revolutionaries: An Army of Impotent Warriors

They walk among us, passionate people armed with spoon-fed information that they believe to be as true as the laws of physics. In their world, the narrative is truth, confirmation is gospel and feelings trump objective data.

All over the internet, they band together and defend their worldview with their digital lives and condemn anyone who opposes their way of thinking. Rational discourse isn’t an option because to even think of an alternative reality is an affront to all they stand for.

There’s no one religion, political ideology or economic class they reside in because their way of thinking has penetrated all facets of life; but collectively, they can be labeled Internet Revolutionaries.

What I’m stating isn’t new. Plato talks in great depth of their psychology in the Allegory of the Cave. In the past they have been called the mob, cults or the masses; today because of the Internet, they have banded together in much greater numbers and have increased their power due to a capitalistic infrastructure that needs their money to exist.

Therefore the whole system placates them in ways that is absurd, yet profitable.

So who are they?

Internet Revolutionaries are people whose superpowers are their extreme levels of sensitivity, historical naiveté and flawed logic. They’re fueled by impotence everywhere else in their life, with their only source of significance behind a digital avatar.

Every morning they wake up and reload their arsenal of manufactured consent through the latest tweets, headlines and memes to reconfirm the narrative that defines who they are in this period of their lives.

Then like vigilantes on a quest to change the world and to feel a sense of importance, they tweet back, repost non-fact checked articles with their own half-baked commentary and vigorously engage anyone who demonstrates a brand of thinking unlike their own.

In doing so they further spin the web of confusion known as the mass media. Without Internet Revolutionaries, fake news would be what it is, trash. But with them as allies, fake news becomes real news as long as it feeds the narrative they agree with.

As a collective army of Internet Revolutionaries, the most absurd ideas to plague human consciousness become topics of debate, dissection and analysis. It becomes the content we passively consume, eroding the best of us and empowering the worst among us. Only a few of us have the discipline and foundational knowledge to block out the deluge of nonsense that permeates every part of our digital lives.

For Internet Revolutionaries to exist, the world has to be binary. Grey space isn’t in their comfort zone, context isn’t necessary to cast judgment as long as their narrative stays intact.

In their world an emotional response is a factual response because emotions are something they can feel and facts are too dry, void of any chemical inducing triggers. The only thing facts trigger in them is a sense of being offended, especially if they directly contradict their feelings towards a topic.

They band together and say their feelings matter and therefore facts can’t matter more. Let me be clear, Internet Revolutionaries aren’t exclusively Christians, Jews, democrats or republicans. They aren’t specifically men, women or trans. These people are come from all races and sexual orientations.

The one thing they all have in common however is this, they’re the reason America is so divided. The civil war of our time is between rational and irrational thought. Leaders from both sides occupy the farthest extremes of each spectrum, with everyone else caught in the middle unable to make sense of any of it.

We’re in the digital age where nearly all of the U.S. population has access to information; whether correct or not, it’s all there. There are a few among us who can distinguish between what’s real and unreal. What’s truly impactful versus not important. They have read and continue to read broadly in order to understand the nuance in each new situation.

Their default position isn’t to lump every transaction into a bucket in order to make sense of it. Because they’re not intellectually lazy, they can have a logical discourse on a matter before forming an opinion. Yet every day, Internet Revolutionaries attack these people because through their discourse they feel threatened that their worldview may come undone by truth or a higher form of thinking they’ve yet to attain nor want to attain.

Because the rational among us don’t have the time nor the emotional capacity to explain away every flawed truth that Internet Revolutionaries hold true, there’s an unchecked plague of distorted ideas flowing through the psyche of our country. And until more intellectuals speak up to counteract the tsunami of half baked ideas, we as a nation will continue to devolve, ultimately crossing the threshold of total collapse.

To change them, all you have to do is change the memes, tweets and headlines for a long enough period of time to reprogram their malleable minds and hearts. What matters to them today, will no longer matter to them 10 years from now because the narrative will have changed.

Unfortunately, power is in numbers and those among us who crave power know that through simple acts of manipulation they can recruit Internet Revolutionaries into their infantry. They will equip their soldiers with ideas close enough to the truth to sound true, but far enough from the truth to alter reality if even by 1%.

That 1% change can result in a new law passing, someone getting cancelled or a war being justified. While Internet Revolutionaries don’t think far enough to understand the consequences of their intellectual laziness, those who understand the power of masses know that by weaponizing ignorance, they can enrich themselves.

Therefore, instead of showing Interent Revolutionaries the truth, they keep them misinformed enough to keep them passionate and fighting their fight. Plato knew this in B.C.E. 517, I know this now, but the question is do you?