1,000,000 Million Cigars Sent to U.S. Soldiers: Operation Cigars for Warriors

Many in the cigar community are well aware of Cigars for Warriors and the mission of the organization. It’s a simple purpose, but a mighty impactful one. Send cigars to U.S. troops deployed in combat zones or stationed long term in remote locations around the world.

Boveda who provides the humipacks for Operation Cigars for Warriors provides a nice background story here: https://bovedainc.com/operation-cfw/

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@cigarsforwarriors is asking all CFW donation Centers snd supporters to take part of this event. This year, between November 11(Veterans Day) and December 1(#GivingTuesday), 2020, we are raising money for Operation: Cigars for Warriors recovery efforts. Canceled events and shop closures earlier this year have left a significant strain on our operating budgets and cigar donations. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely 100% on raffle ticket sales, cigar donations, generous cash donations, and grants to operate. We are asking all our Donation Centers and our Event Coordinators to assist us with this push. Attached is a Flyer that can be printed and cut down into small cards for display on your counters and to be passed out at events. Your support will help us continue to provide the comfort that our deployed service members need and support our mission. Please help us reach our goal of $15,000 during this #GivingTuesday. Visit our Web page and donate today! CigarsForWarriors.org

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What I want to talk about is the challenges the organization is currently facing due to Covid. As of this year, Cigars for Warriors has sent nearly 1.2 million cigars worldwide to U.S. soldiers. One of the largest expenses is the USPS shipping charges.

One of the top drivers of donations for CFW were the events held all around the country. However, event volume has plummeted and cigar donations along with them.

Pre-Covid it was not unusual to have 20 simultaneous events in one night, now if there are 4 in a weekend that would be considered progress. While the online community has continued its support, every little bit counts so I am asking you to help donate cigars, your time or cash.

There are 3 points to consider here:

  1. Even one cigar or $1 can make a difference. That one cigar could be the difference in a soldier’s day. Also, now that Cigars for Warriors also sends coffee, your $1 donation can be stretched even further.
  2. Even if we are not in an active war, soldiers are still deployed across the world. While you may not hear of war on the news, there are still operations happening all over the planet, with soldiers fighting the good fight.
  3. Go to https://www.facebook.com/CigarsForWarriors and https://www.cigarsforwarriors.org/ and share their pages with your friends and family. Not everyone is in a position to be able to send money or cigars, but you can help raise awareness.

Lastly, click the button below or follow this link to visit the Cigars for Warriors Donation site: https://www.cigarsforwarriors.org/donate

For volunteer opportunities, visit their Instagram page and send a direct message: https://www.instagram.com/cigarsforwarriors/