Cigars & Supercars | Dec. 18th @ 6 pm

Cigars & Supercars – an upscale, outdoor cigar party on the heated patio featuring hot rides, chill vibes and great cigars.

After a four year hiatus from producing cigar events for the Houston cigar community, we’re finally kicking off our new events program with Cigars & Supercars on December 18th at Axis Sports Bar on 5701 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007.

To see past Houston Cigar Life events dating back to 2014, click here to check out our Facebook Event Page.

Cigars & Supercars is brought to you by our team of collaborators who are all part of the Houston Cigar Life family:

The cornerstone of this event will be The Arrival Cigar by Houston’s own Ken Hamlin. In his previous life, Ken played in the NFL for the Seattle Seakhawks and the Dallas Cowboys.

His nickname was ‘The Hammer’; which is why the logo of his cigar looks like its been smashed with a hammer. He’s taken the same dedication that he applied during his playing career to create a cigar any enthusiast would enjoy. Check out our full write up and backstory of The Arrival Cigar by clicking here.

In addition to sharing Ken’s cigar with Houston cigar enthusiasts, we’ve brought on the talented DJ Gloss to provide the music for the evening. She’s a true gem in Houston’s music and entertainment scene and will bring a vibe to the night that only she can create.

For more information on the Cigar & Supercars event, you can click here for full event details.

We hope to see you at the event as it will be a great way to kick off the holidays!

*Covid-19 Precautions: the event will take place on the open patio and parking lot where the supercars & superbikes will be. There will be plenty of space to spread out as well as mask enforcement.