Last Minute Valentine Gifts

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As of this writing, you are completely behind the curve on shopping for Valentine’s gifts, but it’s still not too late. If you wait until Friday night or God forbid, Saturday night, you will be in a world of trouble.

Think of it as arriving to a dinner party ultra late and all that is left over are the side items no one wanted to eat.

Luckily, we have assembled a Last Minute Valentine’s Gift list on our Amazon shop that will deliver within a day.

If you order now, assuming it’s not Valentine’s Day, you should get your gift in time.

If you saw my Valentine’s Day post (below) then you will know that there are main gifts and complimentary gifts.

The list I am sharing now, are essentially complementary gifts, but if you add a box of chocolates, a nice gift back, a thoughtful card and flowers, you should avoid the dog house.

If you miss one step in that formula, expect some serious passive-aggressive behavior until you right this ship.

So, here is the list and buy something now or else suffer the consequences from your girl.