Regina King’s Monologue on SNL Gets Ruined by Keenan Thompson

What was Saturday Night Live thinking when they let Keenan Thompson constantly interrupt Regina King’s monologue on SNL Season 46 Episode 11?

Last I checked, monologues meant singular not multiple people speaking. However, in today’s episode Regina King was not afforded the opportunity to directly speak to the global SNL audience.

Keenan Thompson, dressed like Run DMC, stepped in a few minutes into King’s monologue to hype everything she was saying. In some cases he was simply mansplaining the points she was trying to make.

It was obnoxious at best and sexist at worst.

I can’t recall a male host being interrupted during their 1:1 monologue. Last week, Dan Levy’s father, Eugene Levy, made a cameo during his monologue, but that was different as he was giving us a tour of the studio.

Check out my video on this issue and let me know what you think.