AfterGlow: Why Houston Needs this Party

Think back to the last time you heard a song that gave you goosebumps or made you feel so energized you could dance all night. The best feeling is when music makes you feel free, almost weightless where nothing in that moment can bring you down.

The power of music.

Music can change your mood, it can change how you see the world and most importantly it can alter the way we feel about ourselves.

This is why Houston Cigar Life events always carefully select DJ’s who don’t just play popular music, instead they communicate their own vibe through the music they play. They spend hours and hours looking for the right sounds to string together for a full set. They then use that set as a tool to heighten your senses and nourish your soul with music you may or may not have ever heard before.

Same people, same party, same blah…?

Having been in the Houston scene for a long time, this same line has been uttered so many times over the years. The only time when the same people aren’t fun to be around is when they stop vibing the way you vibe. At that point, you either seek out other like minded people or you sulk in the reality of being surrounded by people you no longer vibe to.

The higher your vibe, the smaller the group of people you will find yourself in. But what if there was a way to get as many people you could vibe with into the same room together, all jamming to music that brings everyone together in a form of spiritual unity?

While Houston Cigar Life events may seem large, they’re truly intimate affairs where unity at a higher level is the ultimate goal.

Strangers seem like lifelong friends and friends become family once the music and ambiance takes over.


The idea behind AfterGlow wasn’t to just throw another party people can rage to. The goal is to bring together people who are seeking something greater than a random night out. Big venues have their place in the club scene and mad respect to the product they produce.

But we believe there’s a place for more intimate affairs that offer interactive experiences. A party that wouldn’t be a party without you. Instead of sharing photos of a bunch of faceless people looking at the DJ, we aim to make you the center of attention based on our themed events.

We aren’t the right party for lifeless souls looking to get lost in a chemical wasteland. Instead, we are the party for intellectuals, creative individuals, people who love to dance and most importantly people who vibe at the highest levels.

March 26th @ 10 pm CST

If this message resonates with you, then we invite you to AfterGlow and party in a totally different way. The other Houston parties will always be there. But on one night in Houston, we invite you to step out of your regular flow and party with us in a way you haven’t before.