The “Official Houston Cigar Week” is Now the Texas Cigar Week

In October of 2020 the Houston cigar community and onlookers from other states were presented with two Houston Cigar Week events. This created mass confusion on whether the events were by one entity or multiple entities. In the case of the latter, then who would support which.

Here is a recap video from October 29th, 2020:

You can also read the original write up here:

Many within the Houston cigar community expressed pain and discomfort with the idea of two events and the division it was causing. However, each organizer felt they were operating within their rights to carry on with their planned events and decided to seek legal mediation to resolve the conflict.

Neither party hit the brakes on their plans and continued to ramp up planning and promotion of their respective events. However, the group hosting the “Official Houston Cigar Week”, began contingency plans in the event the case did not go in their favor.

Today those contingency plans are being cashed in as we’ve arrived at an inflection point where there appears to be a temporary resolution to the ongoing conflict and confusion.


On April 15th, 2021 the previously named “Official Houston Cigar Week” will now be called the “Texas Cigar Week”. You can find the corresponding Instagram account here:

Houston Cigar Week under the Houston Cigar Alliance, operating under a preliminary injunction in their favor by Lee H. Rosenthal Chief United States District Judge will continue their event under their original name. You can find their corresponding Instagram account here:

The dates, nor planned festivities have been changed or canceled for either event as of this writing.


Our city is large enough to host multiple events and most of our cigar enthusiasts could care less what goes on behind the scenes. Their primary concern is participating in and taking pride in great cigar events that are as good, if not better, than those of other cities.

Depending on which angle you view it from, cigar camaraderie can create exclusive clubs or it can bring people together, creating new friendships along the way.

I’d like to believe, Houston falls under the latter category and I will continue to focus on that element of Houston’s cigar life.