Deep Down South Shares Stage with Houston’s Most Intense Electronic Afterhours

Deep Down South x Afterhours

Tonight is a great night to be in Houston for music lovers.

Deep Down South Vol. 4 is hosting their annual Spring Break party in Houston and will be collaborating with the Afterhours team to blowout the night with intense music for Houston’s most dedicated party people at 5806 Star Lane.

Afterhour Performances

DDS will have the stage from 9 pm to 12 am and then we transition into Afterhour with JPTR kicking off her sophomore set with us. She kicked off the party on opening night with her wavey sounds that make beautiful people blush with joy.

She’s followed up by Elijah Price of NYC who’s become synonymous with underground afterhour parties. This is his second round with us as well because people wanted more and we listened. Taking over from Elijah is ASYI who we booked for their first DJ gig, but you’ll be seeing more of them, because talent of their level is hard to keep under wraps.

Malcolm Bravo will be leaving his set from the Flat and bringing his unique groovy sound that you can’t help but dance to. He’ll make way for Post Modern Sleaze whose darker acidic techno set is a show unto itself. Her style is what people who crave afterhour parties dream of witnessing in person.

After PMS the floor belongs to Roger Moratinos of Venezuela who will bring us into Sunday morning with his danceable international flavor that can be best described as Tulum vibes.

Simultaneously we’ll have the second floor of the venue which will be headlined by Zero, Horizon and Scarn who will play an open format, interchanging with each other to offer a different vibe than downstairs. The whole event will be electronic music wherever you go however. Also upstairs, JPTR will have a second set as well as the other DJ’s who want to continue playing.

Star Lane

If you are old enough and have lived in Houston long enough, then you’ll remember that some of Houston’s greatest underground moments took place at 5806 Star Lane.

However, for the past few years the ownership group took a break from directly operating the venue which resulted in a zig zag of identity that left the storied dancehall out of favor with Houston’s party crowd. 

In the meantime, Ways and other electronic music venues like Bauhaus, The Dive, etc.. stepped in to fill the void pre and post 2 am. While the new venues are great for Houston, our music scene needs a place like Star Lane. It’s history, its location and labyrinth like layout is unique unto itself. When coupled with hard techno, deep house or wavey dance music… few places can rival the vibe that can be created there. 

Enter Houston Cigar Life

After the closing of Ways, we were eager to find a place to enjoy electronic music afterhours while enjoying a cigar. After looking all around Houston, no decent operation turned up. At that point, we decided it was time to build our own afterhours. A few phone calls later, we were referred to Star Lane. 

It was just sitting there with random themes each night, but nothing worthy of the venues full potential. So Houston Cigar Life and the ownership group worked out a long term deal to rebuild Star Lane into an electronic music destination.

Human Simulator + Body Drip + CRIM

Nothing great can be done alone and we needed collaborators who were plugged into the scene and had their ear to the streets. Human Simulator of Body Drip was the first person we called to collaborate with as he was with us for our Cigars & Supercars series. His genre busting style is worth the price of admission as he constantly pushes the boundaries of what to expect and hits the nail on the head every time.

Stephen To’mas of CRIM was next in line to help round out the team as he’s thrown some epic parties and his ear for talent is as good as any in Houston.

Together we focused on the vision of booking the best underground dj’s, installing the heaviest sound equipment and keeping the invites selective to the most intense party and music fans and then turning everyone loose to just be themselves.

The end result has been nothing short of mind blowing nights and tonight with DDS joining us, we expect it to be afterhours that rivals any anywhere in the world.

Check out last week’s recap here:

Tonights (3/19) Line Up


JPTR – 12 am

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Elijah Price – 1 am

ASYI – 2 am

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Malcolm Bravo – 3 am

Post Modern Sleaze – 4 am

Roger Moratinos – 5 am

Upstairs – Open Format


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