Ladies, Men Hurt Like Kanye When Heartbroken

I can relate to Kanye’s pain. When my girlfriend I broke up last year, I went through a spiral of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, indifference, guilt and even desperation. I did and said things that made no sense to her, let alone me in retrospect.

However, I didn’t resort to violence, name calling or anything too out of pocket, but I certainly crossed a few lines just to piss her off because in the moment of that action, I was angry. My logic at the time dictated, I was angry because of her so it was only fair she shared in my anger.

This is normal, it happens and this is how men process heartbreak.

Kanye is leveraging his public profile and notoriety to process and express his emotions, but I’d imagine he’s on the same roller coaster as I was or any other man post heartbreak. Some days he probably wants Kim back, others he rather never hear from her again. Most days its probably a little bit of both.

It’s been about 6 months since my girlfriend and I broke up and I think I am pretty much in the clear at this point. I still miss her, but I no longer see her face magically appear in trees or other random places like the Cheshire Cat.

Kanye is still pretty fresh in his break-up so he’s really going through it and with the added public scrutiny coupled with his mental health condition, its been a tragic spectacle to say the least.

When a mans heart breaks, the world isn’t kind. Even under the modern variation of manhood, a broken hearted man is vulnerable to a world that continues to take advantage of weak and broken men. Cunning women, aggressive men and everything in between can sense when a man isn’t whole and they use that moment to pounce on him. The only defense a broken hearted man has is anger and indifference.

This is why a broken hearted man is no different than a wounded animal. And the general rule of thumb is to never approach a wounded animal.

A mans identity is tied to the woman he loves. He exists for her and his confidence and self worth are tied to the woman he values the most. He feels great, because he sees her as better than him and she chose him. When that women leaves him, then it takes time for a man to find himself again.

Some men never find themselves again, they spend the rest of their life trying to replicate what they once had, permanently unable to move on. Others take time, until they embrace the newest version of themselves.

Kanye seems like the type of guy that will eventually figure it out. He is blessed with creativity and his first passion will always be his children and his art, he just needs time to figure that out.

But for the women reading this and observing Kanye, this is how us men hurt. We try our hardest not to give up or cry and the result is well, you can see it for yourself.