Houston DJ’s to Perform at Playa Eléctronica in El Salvador

El Salvador is a beautiful country with sensual coastlines and natural wonders that rival some of the most sought after destinations in the world. It’s a country with progressive views that have resulted in a sustainable, eco-friendly infrastructure that is safe and efficient for daily life and tourism alike.

I like to call it the Western Hemisphere’s best kept secret, but my suspicion is that it won’t stay that way for long. Mexico has long held the beach party destination crown of Central America for a long time now, but El Salvador is next in line with all the right ingredients.

After visiting El Salvador three times in the last 4 months and traveling hundreds of miles around the country to scout locations with our local host Alejandro Rivas, we’ve decided that this Central American country has everything we need to produce a high quality event. This is why we’ve selected El Salvador as our first international location for a Houston Cigar Life event titled, ‘Playa Eléctronica’. It’s an electronic music driven beach party that will start at 4 pm and end at 2 am.

At around 5 pm, revelers will take in the beautiful Pacific Coast sunset that is an experience unto itself. Then our DJ line up will take over and entertain guests with Houston’s unique musical style. The big draw here are the international DJ’s performing at the party who will be a mix of El Salvador’s hottest underground DJ’s as well as Houston’s top underground DJ’s playing the best non-commercial electronic music.

This isn’t a mega festival for thousands of people to attend, its purposefully curated to be a party and safe space for the most hardcore music fans who love to dance nonstop to the best house, techno and wavey dance music. We’d love to go past 2 am like we do at our Afterhours party in Houston, but for now the party stops at 2 am in El Salvador.

The venue has been secured and we’re working on finalizing a date and selecting DJ’s for the event. We aim to bring around 3 to 4 DJ’s from Houston to perform at Playa Eléctronica.

Houston has a deep and broad Salvadorian community and the people of El Salvador are fond of Houston and its people. So it only makes sense to bridge the two cultures and unite them with the most common language, music.

We will provide updates as we have them, until then join us in Houston for Afterhours at 5806 Star Lane every Saturday from 12 am to sunrise.