Alexia Domini, Angiie Debut + Synth Kitty, Post Modern Sleaze and JPTR Return + Bad.Idea

The Loft

Before we get into news of tonights Afterhours, we must acknowledge what Human Simulator, Scarn, Horizon and Khancept built upstairs at 5806 Star Lane. Older house music fans will be reminded of the days where dancing was at the core of house music and just as important as the DJ’s. To see that spirit live on in Houston is something to be celebrated and cherished.

While our DJ’s play more than house music, they start each set with one goal in mind, to keep you dancing.

The energy created upstairs cannot exist without the audience who move to the music creating a symbiotic relationship between the DJ, the music and the dancers. If you have not had a chance to experience this yet, we hope you do because something special is brewing in Houston.

JPTR Ascends

JPTR is back with us and we’re always excited to hear her next set as each week she carefully curates a line up of songs to ensure your time is well spent enjoying her performance. Tonight she’ll join Human Simulator and Scarn upstairs for the first time. Last week she dropped a set at 150 bpm’s and this week we’re just as interested as you to find out if she’ll go back to her wavey sound or have your pulse racing throughout the night.

Post Modern Sleaze + Synth Kitty

Every time Post Modern Sleaze steps up to the decks, she eviscerates each track with her ability to stimulate your imagination with her sound. Unique in her own right, Synth Kitty who played her first public set at Afterhours two weeks ago, astonished our audience and DJ’s alike with her industrial sound laced with heavy synths and dancey undertones.

Having both on the line up is nothing short of a treat for Houston music fans. PMS and Synth Kitty compliment each other with their darkwave, techno and synth sounds. Between the two you’ll have over two hours of new brain cell generation with the amount of stimuli produced during their sets.

Angiie + Alexia Domini

Every DJ signs an invisible contract with the audience the moment they step up to the decks, that contract states that they’ll not only meet the expectations of everyone who has tuned in and shown up, but hopefully take them to a place beyond their expectations.

Both Angiie and Alexia Domini have delivered on that contract each time they’ve performed and it’s exciting to have them debut at Afterhours.


While we admire flowers for their beauty and and enjoy freshly picked fruits, we rarely consider their roots who are the true source of their bounty. Univerdge is part of Houston’s roots and when experienced its one of the sweetest fruits our city has to offer.

They’re a coalition of artists, musicians, designers and vendors who have embodied the diversity of not just Houston, but the future of America.

As time progresses, we will work closer with Univerdge to bring different elements of their movement to Afterhours in the hopes of strengthening our common roots and further impacting Houston’s culture in a positive way.

The Foundation

Malcolm Bravo and Human Simulator each hold down their respective floors downstairs and upstairs at 3 o’clock. They’re the bedrocks of Afterhours with an immeasurable contribution beyond just their praiseworthy performances week in and week out.

Tonight a special guest joins Malcolm Bravo downstairs, Bad.Idea who is a friend of Afterhours, will play a B2B set with Malcolm. Within the next weeks, we’ll have Bad.Idea join us for his first solo set at Afterhours, so tonight will be a great preview for what’s to come.

Each week at Afterhours we don’t just offer a party, but a place where Houston’s diversity can thrive. Thank you to everyone who supports us, we look forward to seeing everyone tonight.

DJ Set Times


Angiie – 12 am

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Angiie (@angie_n64) • Instagram photos and videos

Synth Kitty – 1:30 am

Malcolm Bravo – 3 am

Post Modern Sleaze – 4 am

Horizon – 5 am

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Hori Adhikari (@horizona1) • Instagram photos and videos

Upstairs – Open Format


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Human Simulator

Alexia Domini


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