JPTR & Liiam are Back; Joined by Ximone and Alf Champion

Afterhours was epic last week, but that’s what we said the week prior and the the week before that. If tonight out does last Saturday, then I think it’ll be time for an intervention. Houston’s night life post 2 a.m. is changing and its because of all the amazing DJ’s who put on one hell of a show week after week.

Tonight we have a mix of fan favorites and new additions that will have you dancing until sunrises.

DJ, Producer and Visual Artist Alf Champion

Joining us tonight from the deserts of Guadalajara, MX is Alf Champion who recently released the single, “Flight of the Cacti Bird” that can be best described as a pleasant acid house trip with dancey guitar rifts meticulously placed throughout the track to feed your soul.

Soon he will release his first LP “Sour N Sweet on Funcanglong Files, the label he co-helms with fellow Mexican producer Mufti.” (read more about his LP here)

Check out “Flight of at the Cacti Bird” here to see what’s in store for you tonight at 2 am:

Ximone with her special KA$H

New to our Afterhours, but not to Houston’s music scene; we’re excited to share a special session with our audience. Ximone and her guest KA$H will take the stage at 12 am to perform a B2B house set.

Ximone has music in her blood as her mother, Gracie Chavez, is a legendary DJ from Houston who helmed the epic Tejano / Latin BomBom parties.

Heavy Weights – Malcolm Bravo + Human Simulator

Both Human Simulator and Malcolm Bravo performed around the same time between the 3 am to 4 am time slot last Saturday and both DJ’s had their respective dance floors full and on fire.

Malcolm was flexing his Jedi mastery with a mix of house, minimal techno and groovy dance music. He had his crowd jumping during his full set and handed a packed room to Lonny who performed at Afterhours for the first time, but also had a massive turnout of his own.

Human Simulator went deep into his UK Garage bag and destroyed his set. This was his first time joining Khancept, Horizon and Scarn upstairs, but it turned out to be the perfect canvas for all four DJ’s to keep the energy level at redline throughout the night.

Malcolm Bravo, Human Simulator, Horizon, Khancept and Scarn will all be back this week.

If you missed, it, check out this recap video further to get some idea of what had Star Lane’s walls rattling.

Speaking of… Scarn, Horizon + Khancept

Each of these three DJ’s has created a special experience at our upstairs stage. For clarity, our upstairs stage isn’t secondary to our downstairs sound stage. Each room offers a different experience, yet equally potent.

Downstairs offers focused one hour sets curated by each DJ to perform for their fanbase as well members of our audience who are interested in a pure musical experience.

Upstairs is an intimate open format where the DJ’s and the crowd can harmonize based on the flow of energy between them. This is what makes Scarn, Horizon and Khancept so special as artists, because they have been able to carve out a unique vibe that has resonated with our audience week after week.

Whatever your flavor, we offer multiple experiences that makes Afterhours at 5806 Star Lane a magical journey each and every Saturday.

JPTR & Liiam Return

Last week both Liiam and JPTR sat out as JPTR like to alternate her performance and Liiam was busy doing Liiam things.

This week, they are both back and will respectively own their set times as they always do. JPTR will keep it bouncy and wavey while Liiam will dig into his bin of tech house and subliminal tunes to bring in the sunrise from 4 am to whenever it makes sense to go home.

Set Times and Line Up

Upstairs – Open Format

Human Simulator



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Ximone + KA$H – 12 am

JPTR – 1 am

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Alf Champion – 2 am

Malcolm Bravo – 3 am

Liiam – 4 am