Synth Kitty, Jodi Symone, Lonny and Will Rush Join the Afterhours Crew for Round 5

By this time when someone asks where to go on Saturday night, the immediate response is probably Star Lane for Afterhours. Since kicking off March 5th, we’ve grown exponentially to host Houston’s most diverse crowd.

We can now confidently say that Afterhours at 5806 Star Lane is Houston’s safe space to freely express yourself while partying well past sun up.

This Saturday on April 2nd, we launch into our April campaign with a line up of DJ’s that will literally blow your mind with deep bass contrasted by synth kicks underlining electronic and industrial sounds strung together by melodic vocals.

In case you missed us last week, here is the recap:

Synth Kitty

Each Saturday we try to uncover new talent in Houston and this week Synth Kitty will debut with her first public DJ set at 12 am. She’s an avid music lover and produces her own tracks, which I don’t think she’ll perform live just yet, but expect her to drop a set that will create instant fans like ASYI and JPTR have done before her at Afterhours.

Jodi Symone

Jodi Symone has a high energy style and will be dropping a set with us and we’re excited to have her enhance your night. Much like Rich Aunty, Jodi is mindful of where and when she performs, so after enjoying Afterhours as a guest the past few weeks she feels now is the right time for her to vibe with us on the decks.


You may have attended or at least heard of Lonny’s events called Nights Like This which can only be classified as bangers mixing sound and art. Lonny generally plays open format at his events, but has curated a special set for Afterhours featuring an electronic mix hellbent on making you dance for the full hour he’s on.

Will Rush

Will is a veteran in the afterhours community in Houston, having played religiously at Ways before it shuttered. He was referred to us as a must have DJ in the line up as he’s known for flawless long sets that flow well passed dawn, which is why he will be closing out Round 5 of Afterhours. Will is also a producer and he isn’t too far from lacing up a track he’s been working on. While we may not hear it this time, our hope is that artists like Will are given the platform in Houston to produce and perform OG music we can call our own as a city.

Scarn, Horizon and Khancept

Stationed on the second floor, these three DJ’s are slowly becoming mythical figures for our audience as they’ve curated a totally unique experience all their own upstairs. On the first floor we offer more intense, dedicated sets prepared by DJ’s for the night they’re performing. It’s your opportunity to hear and see each DJ in the line up crank out their most focused sets. Upstairs Scarn, Horizon and Khancept have created a more open format sound environment that plays to the crowd each night.

Last week they had several flow artists with poi’s, hoops and pixel whips synchronized to their free for all party vibe. It was quite a sight to see as the music and glowing flow props accentuated the visual and sonic effect to the max creating a unique experience for everyone partying upstairs.

Roger Moratinos

Hailing from Venezuala, Roger will be on at 2 am with a groovy set featuring international house music with Tulum vibes mixed in. Don’t be surprised to hear vocals in languages you don’t understand literally, but will penetrate your soul regardless as only music’s universal comprehensibility can do.

Malcolm Bravo and Human Simulator

Both DJ’s have been with us since our first night and have consistently given our audience a sonic experience that has galvanized what we stand for as Afterhours. An electronic music driven night where commercial party or EDM music isn’t played. Instead, you walk away from Afterhours being introduced to tracks you’ve never heard before, but instantly fall in love with.

Malcolm performs every Saturday night at The Flat until 2 am and goes on an hour later at 3 am at Afterhours.

Human Simulator who relishes the challenge to surprise you during each set he performs with a style and sound you aren’t used to, will be performing a special guest set with Scarn, Khancept and Horizon to further enhance the experience they’ve created that has completely taken a life of its own.

Each DJ who is performing Saturday or has performed with us in the past, has paved the way for us to continue hosting Afterhours parties as they deliver on what our audience expects, great music they haven’t heard before and can dance to until the sun comes up.

This weeks line up


Synth Kitty – 12 am

Jodi Symone – 1 am

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Roger Moratinos – 2 am

Malcolm Bravo – 3 am

Lonny – 4 am

Will Rush – 5 am

Upstairs – Open Format

Human Simulator


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