CVNT: A Pride Filled Celebration of Music, Art and Diversity

Pride month is quickly approaching its final days of 2022. Festivities will reach their crescendo this weekend. The 44th annual Houston Pride Celebration will take place downtown at Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby St. On Saturday June 25th, 2022. The parade hours are from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.

The question on everyone’s mind will be, “what to do after the parade?” Well, if you haven’t been to one of our parties before, then check out this recap video on Instagram Reels to get an idea: Recap and come to CVNT on June 25th.

CVNT: Art | Music | Fashion | Pride
10 pm to 2 am
2203 Preston

1.6 miles down the road from City Hall at Sharespace located on 2203 Preston St. we’ll be hosting our Pride party from 10 am to 2 am. Our production team is transforming the warehouse style space into an immersive and stimulating music, art and fashion wonderland.

We will have four DJ’s on two sound stages. On stage one, we will have house and techno music all night. On stage two, it will be a more intimate setting with a downtempo / deep house vibe. The fashion theme is Club Kids. We also have 3 artists exhibiting their work along with a pop up shop of unique jewelry. The event will be hosted by Ledef and there will be an open bar for all 21+ guest to enjoy.

The party is titled CVNT, featuring ASYI and the highly respected underground artist Ghandi. They’re joined by an incredible line up of creatives that can easily pack clubs and art galleries all on their own through the shear force of their talent.

Sound & Set Times

We’ll have two sound stages powered by Houston PA‘s JBL concert level sound. Our parties are known for overkill with sound, so we’ll spare no expense in trying to shake the walls. House, Techno and Funk sets will be performed by Post Modern Sleaze (10 pm – 11 pm), Amarji (11 pm to 12 am) and ASYI (12 am to close) on the main stage. Jodi Symone (10 – 11:30) will play a deeper set on a separate, more intimate stage.

DJ’s: Amarji King | ASYI | Jodi Symone | Post Modern Sleaze

Our goal was to ensure our guests enjoyed every minute of our 10 pm to 2 am show time so we packed in as much unparalleled talent as possible. It was an obvious choice to invite Post Modern Sleaze, Amarji King and Jodi Symone to join ASYI on the decks to galvanize the intensity of the night from tip off.

Jodi Symone will have the second more intimate stage to herself from 10 pm to 11:30 pm. If you’ve heard any of her high energy sets, then Saturday will be a treat because she will dig deep into her library of music you haven’t heard her play before. This will be a more vibey, downtempo set that will give you an opportunity to chill and mingle with your friends while feeding your soul with a rhythmic sound.

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Amarji who brings an infectious and seemingly infinite energy to each of her sets is a Houston favorite. She styles her mixes around house and funk and recently moved here from Dallas. As much as we love our neighbors up North, we’re glad Amarji now calls Houston home and contributes to our music scene with such joy and passion.

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Post Modern Sleaze draws you in with her deep, dark techno beats and then hits you with glorious melodies that will have you rhythmically dancing throughout her set. Anytime we’ve booked PMS for our previous events, people have asked for more of her unique style. We’re looking forward to what she has lined up for you this Saturday.

ASYI who played her first live DJ set at our AFTERHOURS parties was referred to us by JPTR, who is also a phenomenal DJ that we’ll be working more closely within the coming months. With each set at AFTERHOURS, ASYI brought intensity and a loyal following whose energy and style was becoming increasingly harder to ignore. So we collabed with ASYI on this event from theme, to style, to venue and everything in between. This event is truly a by-product of the vision ASYI had for a party worthy of Houston on Pride weekend.

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Artists: Cozy B | Inferno Glow | Ghandi

The appreciation for a piece of art takes on a whole different level of meaning when you can meet the artist behind the inspiration.

On this special night of June 25th, we’ve invited the most talented, fascinating and passionate artists to exhibit their work while mixing and mingling with our guests.

Each artist has been given ample space in the venue that will respectfully highlight their work while creating a stimulating backdrop to the high energy house and techno mixes of our DJ’s.

Art, music and fashion will harmoniously converge on Saturday night June 25th at CVNT

Ghandi encompasses the diversity of Houston. He has a Bangladeshi background, raised in New York and now living and plying his craft in Houston. Life wasn’t always easy in New York and his past inspired him to create, which helped him heal and move forward in a positive direction. A true spirit of openness and realness, Ghandi will share all these layers with you through a special live painting session creating a one of a kind piece this Saturday.

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Inferno Glow manifests her works by harnessing powerful human emotions, both her own and those she sees during her daily flows through life. While she’s created throughout her life, she committed to her craft in 2020, which is around the same time she moved from Austin to Houston. What she loves most about sharing her work is learning about how one piece is received differently by each person. Through this exchange she learns about the life experiences that shaped their perception of her art. It’s in those moments the beauty of art’s connective energy is seen, felt and embraced.

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Cozy B like our other artists, has a style all unto himself. He will be launching his “Realm of Comfort” exhibit on July 1st at Sanman Studios, but we’ve been lucky enough to carve out his time for a meet and greet this Saturday.

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Pop Up Shop: Made Once

Made Once is a jewelry designer and effervescent personality who brings a wonderful energy to any event with her pop up shop. This is the only pop up shop we booked for the event. Made Once’s creations are truly beautiful and her vibe is contagious. We are excited to have her join use again for a party that will go down in the history books.

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Host: Ledef

Ledef, visiting from San Antonio, but forever showing love to Houston can’t easily be defined, nor should he. The best medium of consumption, interpretation and experiencing Ledef is live. This Saturday Ledef will host CVNT and bring his cosmic energy to the nights festivities. Expect flawless style, beauty and the unexpected.

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After Party

Following CVNT, Amarji, ASYI and Post Modern Sleaze will all have encore performances at the CVNT after party later in the night at a different venue with 7 other house and techno DJ’s. So this Saturday, from 10 pm to sunrise, don’t make any plans because we got your celebration needs covered.

We are excited to celebrate the final weekend of Pride with you. It will be a party celebrating the diversity of Houston and taking a break from the madness of the life. See you soon.

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