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Houston Cigar Life launched in 2014 and operates out of Houston, TX. As a member of the cigar media community, Houston Cigar Life aims to offer content that’s relevant to cigar lifestyle enthusiasts, but isn’t redundant.


We’re definitively the most socially charged of all cigar publications. We aim to foster dialogue between cigar enthusiasts by sharing content that stimulates thought from differing points of view.

Whether it’s through cigar comparisons, hard hitting social commentary or tackling the most pressing issues impacting masculinity, our content is anything but neutral.

If you have an opinion of your own that you would like to share, then contact us at any of our social media platforms and we will reach out to you.

Instagram (@houstoncigarlife)

After starting the Instagram hashtag #houstoncigarlife in 2014, it now boasts over 9,200+ tags and continues to grow while offering Houston cigar enthusiasts a central channel to share their enjoyment and experiences within the Houston cigar community.

Facebook (Houston Cigar Life)

With over 1,300 members in our Facebook community, we continue to feature content, photos and videos from Houston Cigar Life.


Houston Cigar Life produced live events such as Suits & Cigars 1 & 2 that were attended by 800+ cigar lifestyle enthusiasts. Several other events produced by Houston Cigar Life were attended by several hundred attendants each, while supporting organizations like Cigars for Warriors, Houston Food Bank and others.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in contributing content to Houston Cigar Life, requesting a cigar review or product feature then please contact us via our Instagram or Facebook page.